Saturday, October 29, 2011


In my opinion Rhode Island’s most beautiful time of year is also it’s most fleeting. Now that I am a mother I can’t help but remind myself day to day of the coming of our longest and most difficult season (and yes it is very beautiful... if your children are old enough for you to see it from anywhere other than the window of your home or car). 
My preparations for my winter wonderland of sanity are already starting. Here are my plans:
Give thanks each day that Kite Tails Play Center will be open 6 days a week.
Join and take part in Moms Groups (check out
Follow Macaroni Kid updates as often as I do the weather report.
Host some play dates at my home.
My children’s toys, that hold their interest longest, are slowing disappearing into my closet so that they can resurface as a surprise in the time of dire need.  
Stocking up on art supplies. 
Kiss My Face natural shaving cream makes for crazy and clean fun.
And I’m even planning to throw a pretend pool party on my kitchen floor with bathing suits and strong cocktails for mom and dad. 
I am curious to hear how your families are getting ready for the long days of play indoors. A lot of us don’t have children in school yet, so don’t brag if you do! : )

Sue Eldridge is a stay at home mom with no time on her hands. She has been married for 3 years, has a two year old, and a one year old. She keeps busy with obvious duties as well as her own home business. She plans to homeschool and go back to college when her children are old enough to tutor her. 

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