Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Bash Weekend

I know it's Wednesday but I feel like I'm just now recovering from my son's birthday weekend.  My little Matthew turned the big '4' on November 1st and we celebrated with family and friends over the weekend.  As part of my 'domestic day' last week, I baked Matthew's cakes which I promised I'd share with you.  Although I'm not much of a baker, I do enjoy making my family cakes for special occasions; they're not the most spectacular but they are fun!

For Matthew's Spider-Man celebration, I had to go with Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  I found a very simple and delicious recipe on-line from my friend Betty Crocker and then added a little something extra.  He begged me for a Spider-Man cake but knowing that drawing/designing an actual character wasn't one of my skills, I improvised with some Jack O'Lantern decorations that I found on Halloween clearance!  Check it out!
And yes, I used A LOT of red food coloring!

Cake #2 also followed our spider theme and it was so easy to make!  Blue frosting, red gel circles, and simply pulling a knife gently towards the middle.  I also found the spiders on Halloween clearance!
At our 'friend' party the next day we really lived it up with a visit from Spider-Man himself!  And our time from Spider-Man wouldn't be complete without 6 cans of silly string and a major mess in the back yard!
And here's my little man as happy as can be with his face painted and eating a cupcake and ice cream!  (Thanks Jess for the delicious chocolate cupcakes!)

Happy Birthday Matthew!  You sure make life fun!


  1. Did u get a friend or family to dress as spiderman!? Great party ideas.

  2. It was a friend of ours who has asked to remain anonymous in hopes of retaining his dignity!