Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ENOUGH with the STUFF!

I'm going "stuff" crazy!!! 

Anyone else? 

I absolutely love Christmas time, the decorations, the music, the get togethers...but what I can honestly say is that I do not love all the "stuff". Ugh.  And yes, I can admit that a lot of it is my own fault...."I just HAVE to buy this, I could not pass up this deal" etc..  But really, do my three year olds need their very own toy my house!?!  Even spending hours going through the stuff we already had prior to Christmas, it is still just plain ridiculous. 

I'm not one who is usually big on New Years Resolutions.....BUT, this year I am going to make one:  De-clutter and get rid of the extra "stuff" in our life. (And this goes well beyond just toys!)  Of course the kids will still have toys, but hopefully the house will look a little less like a toy store and more like a home :)  

So, in the days to come (when I'm not breaking up fights between my kids over all of this lovely "stuff") you'll find me trying to dig us out of the "stuff" in an effort to keep our sanity.  And most important of all, to teach our kids that life shouldnt just be about the "stuff".


Shannon Smitherman: Former Kindergarten teacher, now stay at home mom of triplets Emma, Ava and Ethan who were born in the summer of 2008.  

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