Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is a Stick-up!

For Christmas, EJ received three Disney movies. Up until now he has never sat long enough for a movie and I was skeptical to stray from PBS. I just letting him watch the Disney Channel. Although he will only sit to watch one full episode, he loves TV and I am always trying to limit it the best I can. Especially since he turned 2 and became a sponge who repeats everything! At least with shows like Sid the Science Kid and Super Why what he repeats back is somewhat educational.

I recently picked him up at school to take him for his flu shot. I told him where we were going and he said, “I am getting a vaccination?” Thank you, Sid the Science Kid.
Even Handy Manny has taught him Spanish. Everything in our house is now done “muy rapido”!

But the past few days EJ has become obsessed with Toy Story. Truthfully, I have only watch parts of it as I am cleaning or cooking but it looked cute enough and I was happy to make dinner. What harm could there be? After all it is Disney!

Tonight before bed I put EJ on the potty. While sitting there he pointed his toy hammer at me and said, "This is a stick-up! Everybody move!” (I think the line is ‘Nobody move!”) I was being held up by a toddler on the potty with a hammer. Thank you Disney. Tomorrow we are back to PBS…I don’t see that annoying Caillou holding anyone up.
Lauren Jordan is a part-time stay at home mom.  She has been married for 7 years and is the mom of a very energetic, hilarious 2 year boy!  She hopes to some day get a full night of sleep.

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