Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 10 Lessons for Mothers with Sons

Top 10 Lessons for Mothers with Sons

I saw a similar post like this on facebook the other day and thought it would be fun to jot down my own special lessons! Having a son of my own, is by far the greatest gift I will ever receive. I strive to raise a well-rounded, loving, caring, creative, empathetic, goofy, non-judgmental, confident, appreciative, cultured, generous, nurturing and determined young man. Here are some of my all-time important lessons that I want to instill on my son Landon. This is solely my opinion, others choose to raise, teach their children differently and have the right to do so.  This is just a glimpse into how we are hoping to raise a gentleman in today's society!

10. Teach your son to respect others.
Have your son appreciate all others have to bring to this world. Man or Woman, Young or Old.....For their brains, their talents, their beliefs etc....Respect is key!

9. Let your son play with dolls.
If your son wishes to play dress-up, feed a baby, play house- let him. It will make him a better friend, son, brother, uncle, and father one day. I fully believe that toys are toys....there to stimulate learning through a creative outlet- there should be NO GENDER with toys.

8. Teach your son how to wash a dish, do their own laundry and cook.
Start small, Landon sets the table and helps retrieve items from the fridge. He puts his dirty laundry in a hamper....once he is older the steps will continue. Help him be self-sufficient...there will come a day where he will leave the house and be on his own- and maybe one day- his significant other will thank you for it!

7. Let your son have his "OWN" relationship with his father.
I know I will always be his "Mommy", always there to love him, hug him, kiss him and protect him. But, his Father will be the one to teach him things that "Men" do, know the answers for everything, and teach him to be a great man. I want Landon to have an equally strong and separate relationship with both my husband & I.

6. Let him be a dreamer.
One day he wants to be a Circus Performer, the next an Astronaut......He wants to play Soccer then its Tae Kwon Do.....Let him dream....let him try....let him fail or succeed......Hopefully- he will have no regrets for a road he didn't travel.......

5. Read to him & With him.
Reading is such an important part of my life- I love sharing it with Landon. Reading takes him to new places, meets new people & he learns new things. It teaches patience and fosters a bond between the reader and listener.

4. Let him be a "BOY".
"Boys will be Boys", isn't a saying for no good reason....Let him run, jump; kick, scream, play tough with toys.....Watch him enjoy playing in the mud, sliding in the dirt, getting his clothes dirty....

3. Allow him to express his emotions.
This is a difficult for us as a family sometimes....Landon has a hard time expressing his feelings due to his sensory challenges. He has become amazingly aware of his emotions over the past year and we as a family have been able to be more patient with him. Don't tell him how he feels- let him tell you, or show you. Let him draw it, scream it or act it out.....Emotions are a tricky thing and I allow Landon to feel the way he feels....Once he gets his emotion- its easier for us to work with him. Its been amazing to watch him express all his feelings.....AMAZING!

2. Let him have his own style.
Landon likes what he likes....He likes his long hair. I get "crap" for it almost everyday. Many call him a girl....but he wants it long.....He chooses his clothes, his shoes and even his socks & underwear. He likes what he likes.....Watching him at 4 years old feel independent makes my heart melt. I see how happy he gets when he tells me that he loves his long hair....or his new Pink Sweatshirt with Skulls on it! Even though only 4, he is his own person with his own opinions. Don't forget that.

1. KISS Him, HUG him, SHOW him LOVE.
Its the misconception that if us mothers show too much love and affection for our son's than they will be a " Momma's Boy"....well- I say to that- Whats wrong with that?? Whats wrong with loving your child, and having them know that no matter what, they will always have a safe place to come home too......I never want my son to think for one second that he isn't LOVED. The more I can do to show him that he is an amazing person just for who he is and that my love is unconditional- than I am doing it!

Kisses Landon- This Mommy Bear Loves you-


Joy Adamonis is Mommy to a 4 year old named Landon. When not playing Pirates, Cars & Legos she enjoys scrapbooking, couponing, dinners out with friends and spending time with her husband of 7 years. 

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