Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday - small business style! - by Aimee

Since opening a small business I've learned just how much impact even one sale can have so I try to do my part and support other small businesses whenever I can.  I've shared with you in the past about some wonderful crafty moms that helped with my Christmas shopping and now I wanted to tell you how my parent's birthdays were made a little more special by adding some local charm.

Once a week I try to get out and do something special with my two boys.  It gives me a chance to really spend some quality time with them out of the house (AKA not doing laundry or dishes in between turns in a board game we're playing) and since I also try to multi-task, a few weeks ago we spent our afternoon together making their Nana a birthday present.  I've heard folks talk about Clayground in East Greenwich so I decided we should go check it out.  There was only one other family there when we arrived and the woman working there quickly got us set-up and explained how things worked.  The boys each picked out the piece they wanted to paint and the colors they wanted to use.  I then took a deep breath and sat with them and realized that when given the right atmosphere, my boys can actually work on projects peacefully and thoughtfully.  I had been worried that they would reenact 'bull in a china shop' but it was far from that - they were very careful and respectful and for once, the picture I had in my head of what the afternoon would be like, was actually what it was!  We then handed their pieces over to be glazed and fired and picked them up a week later.  Needless to say, their pieces came out beautiful and Nana was very impressed!

But what birthday isn't complete without a cake??!!  I usually bake and decorate cakes for family parties.  I'm not a fantastic baker and the decorations are usually good for a laugh or two but I enjoy it, my family looks forward to it, and it fits into our budget.  But time just wasn't on my side last weekend so I decided to pick something up and hopefully embellish it a little to at least give it a sense of 'home-made'.  And then I drove by Allie's Donuts and my decision was made - I would treat my family to a donut cake.  I have fond memories of Allie's donuts from when I was little and knew my parents would appreciate the walk down memory lane.  The price is affordable, they can do any design, write any message, and it is delicious!  As soon as I brought it out and placed it on the table, I knew by the looks on their faces that I had made the right decision!  And for anyone who hasn't tried Allie's yet, it's only minutes from KT and well worth the trip!
And yes, that is one giant donut!  And no, you can't have just one bite.   And yes, you will get $1 off admission if you bring me a donut!


  1. We almost always do Allie's donut cakes :)

    1. We love Allies too!! And of course KITETAILS!