Saturday, February 18, 2012

Complete this Tweet - by Joy

My kid has taught me......

to appreciate sleep, whenever you can get it.

laugh at myself and others. A sense of humor is key.

more about trains than I ever thought I would know.

that Curious George is the boss!

forgive.....forgive......and forgive.

that life is an adventure.


that a kid can't get enough Chocolate Milk.

that bedtime should always begin with a book.

that you can't lock the bathroom door- EVER!

that you will need a vacation AFTER a vacation.

to care less about a messy house.

to appreciate the Blessing that is known as PBS.

potty training doesn't happen in a weekend.

consistency is key.

sometimes Birthday & Christmas gifts cost WAY to much money.

that no-one will ever love you like your child.

and unconditional love does exist..........

Joy Adamonis is a stay at home mom to an energetic 4 year old boy named Landon. When not cleaning,organizing, cooking, teaching manners & all other motherly duties, she enjoys scrapbooking, couponing, dinners out with friends, traveling and spending time with her husband & son.

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