Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to Earn a Dime - by Aimee

Although we try to not make our home very money-focused, the kids certainly know that 'stuff' costs money and the shiny coins in their piggy banks will someday allow them to buy something.  Pennies found on the ground and quarters from the tooth fairy are treasured so I knew the idea of earning some money would go over well.  I know a lot of parents start having their kids earn an allowance for doing chores but we decided to take a different angle.  One thing we just can't seem to work into our daily routine is brushing the kid's teeth in the morning and I know it's important!  It's part of our nighttime routine but just seems to get over-looked on the way out the door to school.

So, I created a 'dime sheet' to hopefully work this into our day.  Each of the boys have a sheet which are hanging on a bulletin board in the hallway for us all to see.  Usually during breakfast or while packing up their back-packs, one of us looks at the sheet and quickly announces  "It's time to brush teeth and earn a dime!" to which the boys respond by running to the bathroom and brushing!  They then get to color in one dime on their sheet.  We've told them they can save up their dimes to use at their school's store or to buy a lemonade or pick something out at the dollar store. 

I know it may seem more like a bribe but for the health of their teeth, I'm willing to do it! 


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