Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Liquid Sidewalk Chalk - by Rhiana

Today at Kite Tails we had a great time making liquid sidewalk chalk!  It is a super easy and inexpensive craft that is fun to make and play with outdoors!  

Here is the recipe:
  • 1 cup of cornstarch (there are probably 3 cups to a box)
  • 1 cup of water
  • Food Coloring

You just combine the water and the food coloring and stir.  Then pour the mixture into egg cartons (you can also use muffin tins or plastic cups) and add the food coloring.  The more color you add the more saturated the color.  If you are making this for just a few kids one batch is plenty.  I doubled the batch and it was enough for 15 kids to have fun with some left over.  Then give the kids some paint brushes and watch what they create!

It was so much fun to watch the kids explore color and a new media at Kite Tails this morning!  They made quite a beautiful mural together on the outdoor chalkboard!


PS- if when first applied the chalk looks really faint, don’t worry, once it starts to dry the color looks much brighter and much more like the chalk we are used to seeing!

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