Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 Year Old!

Believe it or not, Kite Tails is 1 year old today!  I know I'm making a big deal about this but in the world of small business, 1 year is huge!  It's hard to find very accurate numbers but 30-50% of small businesses fail in their first year and up to 95% don't make it to five years!  Those odds are not good!  And as you've all heard, the economy isn't great right now!  But the funny thing is that the weather, more than the economy, has made this first year challenging!  For a business that thrives on cold, rain, wind, snow and high humidity, the beautiful 4 seasons we've had this year have not been in my favor!

But despite all of that, it's been one heck of a year!  Here is KT by the numbers:
839 fans on Facebook
932 people receive our newsletter
53 birthday parties have been celebrated here
27 families have purchased 3, 6 or 12 month play passes
and most impressive - over 2000 kids have come to play here!

But the 'coolest' thing this year has been all of your milestones!  It's been great to watch your little ones start to crawl and walk, speak their first word and put together sentences.  From baby bumps to becoming a 'mom of 2' (or 3 or 4!), it's been so fun to watch it all.  Some kids have walked in the door too shy to even look at me and now they come running in, throw their coat and shoes down, get to playing, and come right up to the counter when it's snack time!  We've had little ones who have taken their first parent/child class with us - the first class they cried to get out of the room and now they're disappointed when we have to take a week off!  It has all been wonderful to watch and I'm so thankful you're willing to share these special times with Kite Tails!

I'll be the first to admit that we still have a lot to learn and are always looking for better ways to serve the KT community.  I think my little Matthew, who is 4 years old, said it best when I told him Kite Tails was one.  He said:  "Now Kite Tails can learn to walk!"  How true it is!  We're standing up but will probably wobble and fall down a few times but will keep trying again and moving forward!


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  1. How I wish my kids were little-er....
    So proud of all you've accomplished this year!